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An Púcán where the sharing of whiskey is not only for the angels….

An Púcán is famed for its vibrancy and passion and we pride ourselves at being able to offer our customers access to a tailor made whiskey experience that will not only engage the connoisseur but also the curious….

It’s from this passion that the An Púcán Whiskey society was created, bringing together like minded people to appreciate and enjoy some of the best whiskeys around. Regular events with the top names in the industry help our members fuel their passion for remarkable drinks.

“The light music of whiskey falling into a glass – an agreeable interlude.”
– James Joyce

An Púcán is a founder member of The Galway Whiskey Trail which was established in 2015 to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the opening of The Nun’s Island Distillery in Galway.

An Púcán is also the proud winner of Best Single Cask Irish Whiskey for our collaboration with Teeling Whiskey Company at 2015 Irish Whiskey Awards as well as Gold Medal for Connacht Whiskey Bar of the year.

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Midleton Distillery: Originally formed in the 60s by Powers, Jameson & Cork Distilleries – this distillery produces some of the finest Single Pot Still whiskey on the island.

The No.1 Irish whiskey in the world, Jameson is triple distilled, boasting a perfectly balanced, well-rounded flavour.

Powers was one of the biggest distillers in Dublin and was the last Dublin distillery to close, finally closing it’s doors in 1976.

One of the most decorated Irish whiskeys, Redbreast is the largest selling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey in the world.

The Spot Whiskey range was first introduced during the early 1900s, taking its name from the daub of coloured paint used to mark maturing casks to determine the potential age of the whiskey.

A triple distilled blended Irish Whiskey produced in Cork and made, unusually, with all three styles of Irish whiskey: single pot still, single malt and grain.

Method and Madness is a brand hatched from the minds of the Masters and Apprentices of Midleton Distillery.

Created in 1984 by Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett, Midleton Very Rare is the ultimate expression of his art and expertise

Teeling have taken distilling back to Ireland’s capital as the first new distillery in Dublin in 125 years. Situated in the Liberties – a part of Dublin long associated with booze

With a license to distill in hand since 1608, these are one of the veterans of Irish Whiskey. One of few distilleries that didn’t change their recipe when the malt tax was introduced which resulted in triple distilled single malts becoming their bread & butter

The original Tullamore distillery opened in 1829 by Daniel E. Williams but unfortunately ceased operations in the 1950s. A new distillery was built not too far from the original in 2014. Famous for their triple distilled, triple blended whiskey & some interesting cask finishes.

Set up in 2011 by a group of friends, the aim was to put the ‘craft’ back into distilling. Situated in Co. Wicklow, it’s the perfect spot for barrels to mature.

This was Ireland’s only independent distillery when it was first opened in the late 80s by John Teeling. Well regarded for bringing back some well-known brands as well as interesting new ones – Irish whiskey’s most popular peated single malt anyone?

Whiskey From Around The World


Alongside our wide range of Premium Irish Whiskey you’ll find a variety of premium whiskeys from across the globe, including; Scotland, America, Japan, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Wales, Belgium & More…



Try one of our Whiskey Flights where you can sample a selection of our remarkable whiskies in smaller 20ml measures.

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